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Millet is a good source of protein, fiber, key vitamins and minerals
Sorghum (Jowar):

Sorghum used as grain to make flat breads. Enrich with the goodness of iron, protein and fiber. Sorghum can help in reducing cholesterol level as it has a component called policosanols

Finger Millets (Ragi):

Finger millets used as a healthy substitute for rice and wheat. It is undoubtedly a powerhouse of nutrition. It is loaded with protein and amino acids, this gluten – free millet is good for brain development in growing kids.

Pearl Millet (Bajra):

Pearl is packed with the goodness of iron, protein and minerals such as calcium and magnesium; the daily consumption or inclusion of this millet can work wonders.

Foxtail Millet:

Foxtail millet has healthy blood sugar balancing carbohydrates.

Little Millet:

Packed with the goodness of Vitamins- B, minerals like calcium, iron , zinc and potassium, little millet can provide essential nutria.369nts, which frther help in weight loss.


Amaranth has a great protein content. It helps with hair loss and graying. It’s high in calcium. It is full of Antioxidants and minerals

Barnyard Millet:

Barnyard millets has high fiber content, Which can effectively help in losing weight. It is rich source of calcium and phosphorous.