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Munching Wafers

Oil Free & Cooked with Air

Veggie Chips are made by roasting simple flavoured vegetables in natural sunlight

Magic carrot with crazy crunch

Better for digestion
Low glycemic index
Prevent cancer

Healthy beet root with tangy crunch

Make your cholesterol low and Heart healthy.
Natural immunity booster.
Improve performance of athletes.

Crunchy sweet potato with zesty seasoning

Gheesy/Garlic flavor
High in fiber
High in calcium
Good for menopausal women

Mix vegetable Chips

Mix of Carrot, beetroot, sweet potato, okra

Crunchy okra with chatpat Masti

Vitamin folate plays key role RBC production.
Vitamin –C helpful in boosting immunity
Large amount of dietary fiber help in weight loss
Help in management of Diabetes.

Healthy cluster bean Chips

Higher plant protein.
Rich in fibers and potassium reduce cholesterol.
Maintain blood flow in vessels.
Maintain blood pressure levels, improve heart health.

Healthy potato chips

Cheesy/Garlic Flavor
Rich in Vitamin C , vitamin B6 and Antioxidants
Rich in Potassium , maintains Electrolyte Balance
Good for Heart


Our ready to eat Munching Wafers

You don’t have to eat less, You just have to Eat RIGHT

Using traditional Indian recipes with zero use of oil and preservation. They contain an ultra- low amount of fat, carbohydrates & with a healthy lifestyle. They are good for Paleo, Keto many other types of weight loss diets